Hungarian and Bulgarian original sweet couple, Irisz and Ivanís romance commenced 6 years ago.
The bond between them became even stronger when they found out that they were both from a background where dancing has been significant part of their life.

A breakdancer and an acrobat, Ivan has been touring with a dance group for popular shows around the world organised by National Art Dance company based in the second oldest city in Europe, Sofia. His interest to salsa dancing came when his best friend introduced him the world of latin dances. There was no going back for Ivan and a few years later, he started running a dance studio in Bulgaria, teaching variety of different dance styles and fitness-wellness activities.
Ivan has experience as a manager of an international team of professional entertainers, singers, dancers, dj-s, musicians and choreographers.

Irisz has been dancing since the age of 7, through lots of different styles such as hungarian folklor, acrobatic rock&roll, hip-hop, latin, showdance, jazz, funk etc.
She got addicted by salsa because of Ivan, when they got to know each other and he asked her to dance with him for the first time.
She is an Aerobic and Fitness Trainer and she’s been leading aerobic classes the last 11 years in different styles, in different countries and had the chance to work with costumers of varied nationalities.
From 2010-2015 she was dancing in Variety shows and the last 3 years was working as a leader of the dancing team, teaching choreographies and being responsible for everything on stage and in the backstage.

Their motto is:
The dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life!

Description of some classes they do:

Por de Brass:

The dance of body and mind. A mixture of dance, ballet, strength and flexibility in the scope of a conditioning training class. Port De Bras is a type of class that forms a bridge between those who enjoy pilates, dancing, ballet and fitness aerobics. It is a form of exercise that combines dance, ballet, stretching and strengthening, figure-forming training.

Disco :
Disco was born back in the 70’s … Disco brings the fun and the party. It was a new way enjoying night life and be cool and “crazy”. It was freedom! Disco moves are energetic , dynamic , elegant and sexy .. You will find a lot of similarity with merengue and bachata (but the style has a bit more spice)

Functional Body Workout :

The focus in fitness these days is functional exercises — exercises that simultaneously use multiple muscles and joints to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility — to get a challenging, effective and fun full-body workout as well as prepare the body for everyday, real-world activities.