Hello! You are new at our studio and would like to visit our workshops? Here you can find all information to visit our courses:

  1. General Informations
  • Courses are called Workshops because we do not have to teach ballroom dances according to the Austrian law of dance schools and have to distinguish ourselves from this protected term.
  • You do not need a dance partner! We change the dancer in the workshops and at the parties after each song! If you are a couple and do not want to change, that’s okay too.
  • You do not need any previous knowledge! Our beginner workshops (color green) are intended for absolute beginners. We explain every single step and every movement.
  • Your clothes should be comfortable. Whether casual, sexy or athletic – you should be able to move in it.
  • We ask you to use dance shoes. If you do not have dance shoes, you may like to dance in socks or barefoot or take clean abrasion resistant shoes from home. Our dance shop also offers you a good selection of dance shoes.
  • In the first week of the month you can try our beginner workshops for free!. For more information please navigate to workshops -> free taster.
  1. The Workshops
  • 1 workshop consists of several lessons of 50 minutes each,
  • takes place weekly,
  • starts in the first week of the calendar month and
  • ends in the last week of the calendar month.
  • Especially as a beginner, we recommend that you be there from the first hour in the month, as the units build on each other.
  • An exception are our intensive workshops, since they do not take place weekly, but only on one day or weekend.
  1. The Level System
    There are basically 4 different skill levels in our dance scene:
  • Beginner / Level 1
    You do not need previous experience or basic knowledge
  • Level 2
    You have already attended 4 hours of lessons. At this level you usually stay 3-6 months.
  • Level 3
    You have been dancing for at least 4 months and regularly attend workshops and parties.
  • Level 4
    You’ve been dancing actively for at least 6 months and mastered all techniques from previous levels

Since quality and your learning success are important to us, each dance has its own training program or level system. You will receive your rating or clearance for the next level from your trainer.

  1. The Booking System
  • We offer you a convenient online system for our workshops. This is based on a credit system – you buy a number of credits and can then spend them for attending the workshops.
  • Your credits are valid for exactly 90 days! Unused credits expire after 90 days from the date of purchase – please use them in time, as we can make no exception here – a credit or extension is not possible!
  • Please note that each course has a registration and deregistration deadline of 24 hours. If the unsubscribe deadline is exceeded, you can cancel your participation but the unit will still be charged as our coaches are paid based on your registration.
  • For motivated dancers we also have two very reasonable offers:
    Beginner Package – with this you can attend all level 1 beginner classes in 30 days.
    Mi Manera Membershipunlimited attendance of all workshops in 30 days.
    Of course there are also discounted prices for students (proof required) under 27.


  1. You have the following options to book our workshops and to view our plan:
  • Download our app for you smartphone for free. You can switch the language to english! (You can find the links at the end of the introduction)
  • Click on Workshops -> Calendar -> Zum Kursplaner-Login in our website navigation
  • Come to our studio in person and we’ll explain you our system, create an account and log in manually for you. For the first time this is free – with each further reservation we ask for your understanding, which we have to charge 5, – € in addition.
  1. Classification for advanced dancers
  • Please keep in mind that each studio has different ideas about technique and skill levels.
  • So that we can classify you contact us under office@mi-manera.at and ask for the requirements for the respective dance and the level. We will send you a list of required techniques / figures.
  • If you fullfill all of the requirements, book an hour in this level and contact the trainer before class. He / she will carry out the further classification with you – please respect his / her decision – we want all our participants to be comfortable and to learn with dance partners on the same level.

Download our App for your smartphone: